How do we find hope and meaning for our life in the midst of a meaningless existence?

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than this crazy rat race we’re in? Trying to keep up with the neighbors who seem to have it all? Perhaps you are trying to find fulfillment in marriage, family, work, success, pleasures, hobbies, and more things.

And as you pursue and achieve those things that may bring you happiness for a moment, you quickly find yourself staring up at your ceiling every night feeling unfulfilled. Wondering… there’s got to be more!

Who knew that a book written over 2,600 years ago could still be relevant today?! Yes, there’s a book in the Bible written by a man who experienced EVERYTHING (yes, I mean everything) and at the end of his life knew it was all meaningless, a chasing after the wind and that there was something more.

Pleasure is a gift of God. Work is a gift of God. Wisdom is a gift of God. But that’s all they are, gifts of grace to be enjoyed of the God who gave them. Without Christ, everything truly is meaningless.

You are invited to join us this summer as we walk through the book of Ecclesiastes and learn how to recalibrate our hearts around the gospel and find our meaning in Jesus alone. A good thing that becomes a god thing is essentially a bad thing.


Our services are family friendly, relaxed and welcoming and centered around the Word of God. Come early and grab a coffee and connect with each other.